Ohco Day 1 Blitz

So this Monday Ohco’s sale began.

I pulled up and it was how it always was, walls of beautiful fabric. I saw jacquard, heavy brocades, fur, suede cloth, vinyl, faux leather, satins, and things I didn’t even know how to classify.

Tise met up with me around noon and we proceeded to go through the racks systematically because there is no rhyme or reason to how the put the rolls in there. It’s a good idea to lift everything and take a look at the roll because the fabric is on there backwards to protect it and you cannot see what it really looks like until you flip over the edge of it.

About 30 mins later I saw a couple looking through their booklet at anime characters they had planned. I said hi and we spent half an hour talking and it turns out they were from a section of Florida that I used to live. We traded info because there were all kinds of places that I remembered that your average cosplayer in FL should know about.

After that we resumed our fabric hunt and I wanted so much of it but I had a budget to keep so I picked out a couple things I needed for costumes and a couple things that were too beautiful to leave.

Lets start out with an overview so we know what we are dealing with here:

And for those without flash:


These are all the things I was tempted to get.

Burgundy/Gold Jacquard20130304_7516
Pink Duchess Satin – I caved and got this one. If I don’t use it then someone will – 10.3 yds20130304_7519
Red Velour – I think Tise almost got this one.20130304_7522

The jersey rolls. There were some nice colors like that purple and a basic white that could be used for anything. Nice stretchy and comfy.20130304_7518

Buttery gold jacquard20130304_7526

Bright yellow matte vinyl – this is the stuff you find and don’t have a use for it and then suddenly you do.20130304_7523

Fur- orange, red, navy, purple, white, blue. Wanna be a muppet?…here you go.20130304_7525

Silver satin20130304_7517

A very kingly looking royal blue/gold geometric. Screams renfaire costume.20130304_7520

A fabric full of embroidered asterisk type designs. It just looks fun.20130304_7524

An embroidered vine design on a very heavy coral fabric.20130304_7515

Waiting for sunlight tomorrow to get out the good camera to take pictures of things I actually got.

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