Ohco’s – the best fabric sale ever.

A few miles away from me is a fabric mill in Covington my mom took me to back in the day.  When I started sewing on my own I realized how much of a treasure it is to have a fabric mill nearby.
Better yet is that this fabric mill has a remnant sale every year. They are a mill so what they call a remnant is a 40 yard roll of 80″ fabric. They are looking to get rid of it so there are piles of these rolls 8 deep against the wall in every color/weight/texture. They give you a clear plastic bag and you go to town. I suggest bringing your own scissors. Once you have all you like they weigh it…

They charge $2.00 for every pound of fabric you put in the bag.

I go at least once a year and I always walk out with some beautiful things: jacquard, damask, satin, suede cloth, ect. All of it is fancy hotel quality type things.
If you have something to make that needs a lot of fabric like a cloak, big period type dresses, or something fanciful there is not a better deal in town. I’ve walked out of there with $400 worth of fabric for $20

Here are some things I have picked up.

goldenrem  IMG_8406 IMG_8415 thetwins the3 fRgoldIMG_8113
20120305_8647 20120305_8648
Things I have made from Ohco fabric can be seen on this blog and elsewhere:

Leaf Kimono
Doublet Riding Coat
Older Katara
Red Vest
Gold Vest
Hunk Lion Kigurimi Onesie
Elven Pillows
Office Curtains

If you want to see what I picked up in some of my hauls:
2013 Spring Fabric Haul
2014 Spring fabric Haul

If you want to know the date of their sale call them at: 770-786-4887
Covington, Georgia 30014 USA

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