Tomato (とまと) The store

Several years ago my Japanese language teacher, Chikage, would introduce us to Japanese foods.  (she’s far left, I’m middle)


Once she bought matcha to class for us to drink, we went to Japanese restaurants, she took us all to her room to try umeboshi, and we also went to a Japanese grocery store.
On my excursions due to work I would sometimes pass by this sign and it always looked vaguely familiar though I wasn’t sure why, hence the vague part.


I never get to stop because I am on my way somewhere and I have to be on time. By the time I come back it’s dark and well after close time so I don’t stop. Well this week I happen to be in the area with some time to kill so I turned around and went to investigate.  I pulled up and there was an elderly asian lady outside a door. I asked her was this place a store and she confirmed that it was. I parked and gingerly made my way inside because I didn’t want to embarrass myself by walking into a restaurant that wasn’t fully open yet.   At the end of the hallway there were two doors and the left one looked like a store. I went in and it was the store Chikage had taken us to all those years ago.  That is why it looked so familiar.

I looked around for a second because I had been looking for this place for years but I never remembered where it was. I looked at a clerk behind the desk and said, “I have not been here for 10 years.” She said with a smile, “Well where have you been?”  I explained briefly that I came here with my teacher many years back and never remember where it was.

After some looking around I decided it was time for some old favorites and that I would come back for some more eclectic things later.


In there is some Pocky(almond and strawberry), Kinoko no yama (tasty chocolate mushrooms), a bar of meiji chocolate, furikake, ramen and umeboshi.

Next time I go back I will pick up some macha, dango, curry, shrimp snacks, plum wine, mirin and sticky rice. I also completely missed the periodicals section. So many magazines.

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