Rat. No really…RAT

So this past weekend I was headed out the house to help my sister clean up her house and before I left I thought, oh let me go be responsible and feed the dog.

So I brought down some kibble and a few left over bones. Before I left I thought, “OH! his water lemme make sure it is clean and he has enough.” So I turn around and go check both his big buckets. I peer into it and inside staring back at me with dead white eyes is a HUGE drowned dead rat.

Needless to say I took a big step back and made that surprised sound that Hank Hill makes.
I said out loud, “Well, that that is my surprise for today….”

Went back and grabbed the camera to share with you all…cause you know you want to see. Ok maybe some of you don’t, but I have to share this kinda O_O moment in life.

This pic is for scale. This is about where I saw it. Dog is in foreground.
For scale



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