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When I feel like being a subtle geek I really don’t like things that say “OMG MY FANDOM IS_________”  with logos and garish colors and blah all over it. I want a fellow fan to pick up on what it is, but otherwise it looks normal to everyone else.

Problem is, most shirts are like that. For the most part people like advertising what they are into. Recently I wanted a DMC shirt, but all three of them were rather ugly.
Case in point:

Look at this… who in the heck thought this was a good design? I think it took 5 minutes in photoshop to churn that out. This franchise deserves better than that. For goodness sakes it doesn’t even use ANY of the DMC fonts. It’s not like they are hard to find. Two identical shotguns…really….really? Of ALL the awesome weapons in game you give us a generic gun. On top of that… mirror imaged.

So I heard of this stencil method from a friend online. I made note of it and thought I would use it on my next whatever I was working on. Then I saw that meh shirt in Hot Topic and I was like “Well, I think I found my first project for it.”

This was the outcome

LOVE the way the sword on the back came out. It’s so fits with the series.

Before I started it I asked around my fellow fans for advice because I couldn’t finalize what I would like most.

After some input I got to work. Got the order symbol from the lovely artbook and Peter cleaned it up for me. Made a mock up first to see if the whole thing would even work….
TracingDone with cuttingPaintingOrder of the sword

That worked out really well so the next week I moved on to the colors I wanted and that ginormous sword I had to cut out. I also got the image for that from the artbook and I cleaned that up myself and scaled it up.


While paint was drying overnight I took some of the scraps and had fun with those making a reverse stencil.
Gold Order

The cutting was a little tedious but it only took 2-3 hours I think. I took breaks to rest my hand from all the precise cutting the text needed.

While we’re at it might as well show off some other fan shirts I’ve made.
This is one I made for Peter a long while back for the second Spiderman movie premiere. Bowler style shirts are not terribly easy but they look nice when done.

Chudley Cannons shirt

A Harry Potter fan shirt. It’s for Ron’s Favorite Quidditch team, the Chudley Cannons. I designed the logo myself based off how Harry described it.

See what this no, I don..'t see the snitch!
This is my Quidditch jacket made for just wearing around mostly. Angelina Johnson is a chaser so I figured if Hogwarts had letter jackets they might look like this. It’s based off the robes in movie…uh…3 I think.

this shows the sleeve detail to match the robes. No swimming or the lake squid will get you. 🙂

and this one… it’s effing Viktor Krum (Stanislav Ievaneski) of course I have to post it.

with Viktor Krum

Dude is tall.

I can’t believe you made it this far through my rambling…. heh
Next up when I’m not busy I think I need an Aperture Science shirt, and a Katamari shirt.

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