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Happy New Years Everyone. I hope you had a wicked good time welcoming it.

I’ve got a few fandoms that never really die. Some of them simmer like LOTR, some I never really go back to but it still holds a special place like Maple Town, some of them refuse to let me go like DMC, some are just starting like my love affair with Canon cameras.

So there I am surfing the mall for Christmas presents and I’m browsing the arm wear section for Erik and these jump out at my eyes….

DMC wristbands
Yeah, I’ll be taking those….
They don’t make much for the DMC-verse and I’m happy to see something I didn’t have to make myself.

So I get home and tell DestiniteLuna, a fellow cosplayer, about my find. She says “You know there is a belt buckle” I’m like, “What? No way.” She shows me a picture although it’s not available on the store site anymore. So I figure it’s been a long time, they’ve discontinued it, and I really don’t feel like hunting it down by having to barter babies or something else expensive.

Lunch time Thursday and I’m in the mall with my banana peach shake (why yes it’s delicious) and I pop my head in the store and graze their buckle case.
I spot this:
Ebony & Ivory,Ebony & Ivory

A couple quiet explicatives leave my mouth and I can’t believe it. The sales lady asked me “Don’t you want to look around more?”  I responded with a smile, “No, give me that.”

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