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As much as I need to improve DMC2 Dante I got another project biting at me. A few months ago before I was looking for guns for the costume and came across the official Diesel tie in jacket they made for the game. It was $1500 freaking dollars!!
I told myself I’d rather make it than ever pay that. Then I let it leave my mind as I was still panicking over finishing regular Dante.
For those of you that don’t know Devil May Cry 2 was a seriously lacking game but it had some nice things like costume changes. One of these was a tie in Capcom did with Diesel clothing company. They made an outfit for both Dante and Lucia to wear in game if you won. Well Lucia’s was…ick.  Dante’s was decent, ‘cept for that scarf.

Well fast forward to a few weeks ago and another DMC cosplayer I had recently met, Draco,  mentioned he was making the jacket and I thought, well that would be fun to have next year at some point.
So now we have this…..  my dye experiment. You see they do NOT make whatever the hell color his jacket is. So I got three types of corduroy and did this. Now, you get to choose which one I go with.


The gray on the left was all OMG NO with water so it didn’t take dye well.
And please constructive criticisms are welcomed. I know monitors differ but go ahead, take a shot.

The score:

Chris: 8  Solude: 8 DracoMancer: 8  Minty: 8  Mags: 5
Draco:5  Funky: 8  SailorAnime: 8  Trickshot: 8
Sallie: 3  Allen: 5 or 8
Jill: anything from Medium
Gaia: Anything from the medium collection
Scott: Anything from the light collection
Keith: Anything from the light selection

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