Go Baby Go

Last Friday as we were leaving the grocery store the cashier asked if we were watching the launch. We didn’t even know about it. Since we can see it from the back patio we the answer is $&(@ YEAH.

So about 3 minutes before launch I cleared one of my memory cards off to take some video. Night launches are WIN and cool. Don’t worry,  I rotate the camera about 20 secs in.


Oh yeah, I talk a lot. Also there is Peter and my neighbor talking.

In other news, my car pretty much died a slow agonizing death. And ONLY after I just put $800 in new brakes and transmission repairs in her three weeks ago.
So I am driving around a rental until I can get up to GA and go car shopping with the rents cause I don’t trust myself to do that alone.

Damn, $1000 gone for no reason but timing. Sigh….

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