Experimentation: Natural Hair

A few months ago I talked about letting my hair be itself.

Well I stopped relaxing it to see what it would do. I had a very vague memory of my hair being wavy as a child right before my mother started relaxing it.
Looks like that memory rang true. It’s WAVY!

Peter was playing with it today and I thought some pictures were in order.

Hair length

The straight stuff is relaxed hair. The wavy stuff is new hair. Though I am thrilled I lasted this long on leaving it alone, it is getting on my nerves. Now pulling it back into a ponytail makes the front look like ass. Oh and forget having bangs, the waviness causes them to poof like it’s the 80s 😀

It’s at that inbetween stage. Plus once all wavy, what the hell am I going to do with it?

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