Devil May Cry

Now if anyone has been paying attention to those status updates you might know that I am a DMC fan. But as I am sure no one pays attention to those I’ll tell you,

I am a Devil May Cry fan.

About 2 months ago I went out and got myself DMC4. Then right before I finished it this happened…
Red Ring of DEATH

That’s right baby, red ring of death

So then I had to wait about 3 weeks while they replaced it.
While I waited Erik lent me his DMC novella which was rather good actually.

Once I got it back I went back through all the levels and then finished it.
I haven’t enjoyed a game that much since Metal Gear 3.
The voice work was superb, the motion capture glorious to watch, and I think I fell in love with the clothes.

Last night I went back to unlock stuff and I actually got my first S rating. Look at that, demons couldn’t frakkin touch me and I took no damage.
Mission 3

Then I accidentally got my 2nd S rating on level 19.
Mission 19

Also, the second ending sequnce was so cheesy I LOVED it. The music was also right up my alley.  I am very much looking forward to DMC 5.

I like to cosplay from things I love this much but there isn’t anyone I can look like.  So I might have to get creative. I’ve very much wanted a long white wig for a some time so I think I have another excuse to get one.

Now to somehow get Reuben Langdon (Dante’s voice and motion capture actor) to a con I am going to.

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