Poupee Girl

I have a few new obsessions via the internet I feel the need to chatter about, so here we go.

Poupee Girl:
A chat friend told me about this cute Japanese site where you upload photos of your wardrobe and in return you get a cute little edoll and clothing you can dress them in . I took a look and it’s adorable and a little addictive. But I really enjoy seeing what other people have in their closets. Usually you only get to see what someone likes based on what they wear in front of you.
The site has a really good amount of English on it now that there are a lot of non Japanese on the site.

Pandora Radio:
A radio station that only plays what you like. My music selection gets a little old when it replays only what I have. Pandora ask what music you like and then plays something from the same genre. Probably something you never heard of but you wish you had. It’s great for picking up artist and songs you never would have heard otherwise. Plus if you don’t like it Pandora will never play it again and it will move on to a new song.

Cut out and Keep:
I love this site. So MANY neat things to do. It used to be all one girl and her projects but she opened it up to the public to share their crafts. Damn there are talented people out there. I learned how to make bruchetta, lip gloss, rose water, making am iron on transfer from photocopies, fondue set from an altoids tin.

I have a how to for quick home made chicken or turkey noodle soup from leftovers. My user name is Eien.


I also picked up a new taffeta duvet set. There was also some GORGEOUS green butterfly fabric at Old Time Pottery and I made pillow cases out of it.


The fabric is so detailed. You can’t see it well in photos but it has thin gold accents everywhere. The butterflies are so detailed.

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