Bike Week and Scissor Sisters

I should be talking about Megacon but this is something that has been sitting on my brain for a couple days.

I do believe it is Bike week here in Orlando. I say this because of the inordinate amount of motorcyclist traveling together on the road I saw this week. Noticeably a lot of them are of the 40+ set.  I’d like to say to those people, YOU ROCK.
Thank you for kissing off the world for a week, and taking your bike on the road here. I admire you and I alway want to wave like a little girl when I see you.

Also, witness the song I have been singing all week. The video that goes with it just left me feeling WOW. I won’t spoil it, but I love the openings they are emulating. Seeing someone emulate it so well is better than warm undies out of the dryer.

Wasn’t that just a joy to watch after seeing all the mindless crap people sometimes call videos? Kudos to you Scissor Sisters. I LOVE that ending pose.

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