FX Show -2 of 2-

When the FX show was in town I went Saturday and Sunday.

We ended up parking what had to be a mile away from it. No I am not kidding. The parking had just filled up and we had to go to another lot where we had to walk to another convention center, walk the length of it, cross the overhead walkways, then walk 1/3 the length of the convention center to get to FX. Peter wasn’t changing clothing, but I was. So I had to walk it 4 times in some uncomfortable leather boots.

That’s why I hurt like exercise in my last post.

I don’t usually get much but this year I found some nice things and gifts too.
Picture with the tall, courteous, cute Nathan Fillion. When I walked in to meet him I said, “Wow, you’re so tall, I didn’t know.” He smiled and said, “I was going to say the same thing about you.” At that moment this face was appropriate ^_^.
The Firefly book is also signed.

Sailor Moon Jewelry Box. It was like $16 and I couldn’t resist. When was I going to see something that obnoxiously pink and terrible again? PLUS it came with hair clips, 2 necklaces, bracelet, and a comb. HAHA

Life magazines from 1968 and 1971. Not pictured is another one with Audrey Hepburn on the cover. That one was a gift for a friend of mine who LOVES her.
The Coretta Scott King one is for my father. He loves things like this.
Interesting point of fact: My brother is a chef. In her last days in the hospital he was the chef for her vegetarian meals.

Crystal Palace reprint! This is a reprint of the ridiculously lovely engravings from the famous Crystal Palace in England that burned down in the 1930s

I had a grand time. Lots of friends were there and loads of Firefly fans. They are always very vocal and funny. I met some silly girls who were very vocal about what they would so with so and so celeb at the con.

I wore the Dr. Steel thing first:

Zoe to meet Nathan on Saturday:
As I was leaving he said  “Very nice job, on all of that.” I think I died a little hearing him say that I was so struck.
I went back Sunday in Funeral Zoe for a picture. That’s when he commented on my height.

Now for more pics:

Nathan on scooter
Nathan met a fan that wanted him to ride around on her scooter. He happily zoomed away while I was talking with some people about 20 ft away. He went zooming right by and we were laughing so hard we couldn’t talk. His handlers looked horrified which only added to the hilarity. He was away for a full 5 minutes.
Eventually someone on the PA told you to look out for him lest he run you over.
He visted Adam West’s table while on the scooter.
When he came back I managed to shoot that pic with my dying camera.
Everyone appluaded his return and the PA system announced he was back.

Chris brings the debauchery.
Everyone loves sum Power rangers.

Nice! Spider man and Black Cat.

The one on the right grabbed me at the after party for swing dancing. Turns out he’s an instructor and wow was he good. I was flung all over the place.  Too bad my wig was in my face for so much of it.

And we aren’t done without a little Batman in there.

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