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I’ve been busy.  I made this for some cosplayers I don’t know. But the pictures they took were hilarious and they said they didn’t know how to make them into a gif so I did. Just in case you didn’t know that’s Miaka and Tamahome from a now classic anime called Fushigi Yuugi.

Went to an AFO meeting and there were some good ideas being tossed about. Again I’m all for more cosplayer fun so we will see how that goes.

The dull side if the vest fabric won the polls and that is in the works. It would have been worked on if I spent more time at home this weekend.
After work,  went to a JoAnn Fabric that was closing. Nearly nothing was left. But they did have .25 cent patterns.  I picked up a few.

I’m going to victorian up that night gown pattern. And I LOVE that coat pattern. The collar is all cool.  I plan on making a short peacoat sized one.
The big silver wings Peter found on another jaunt to another JoAnne while lookin for more red zippers. Which brings me to…

Replaced the zippers on his Dr. Steel uniform and sewed down velco for the patches.  Thumb nail is small cause picture is HUGE.  Click for hugeness.

Also went there to find Kente Cloth. But for some odd reason they didn’t have any. Hell, I couldn’t even find the african dashiki pattern that’s usually in the pattern books to point to the fabric I was looking for. But I did find some batik  that  could be used.  I need the cloth cause I am playing with the idea of my steam punk outfit having an African flavor.
Speaking of using my skin as a costuming device…

Found these laying around the internet:


Looks like The Princess and the Frog will have a few fun things for me to make 😀

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