I have a lot of blogging to catch up on. I like to keep experiances seperate so there might be as many as three blogs today.

Friday I went to Blast with Karen. It was awesome. For retired band geeks like us it was a time machine filled with cool.
Karen was a flag corps and I was a percussionist back in the day.
I was wondering how a marching band show was going to work on a theater stage, but they did it and it was uber entertaining.
The flags twirled their flags, rifles, light sabers, and swords expertly.
And my theory that drummers are inherently hot stands the test of time. There were some real cuties performing. Even the big guy and the goofy guy were cute. It’s ridiculous how strapping on a drum makes your hair cooler, your skin clear up, and brings out your best.
They really seem to be having a good time and there were some really funny parts too. It reminded me of how when we used to go to competition we were taught to play up to the crowd and judges.

This must be what people do when they age out of Drum Corps. The amount of talent on that stage was palpable. They had drummers who played brass and then flags who could play digeridoo.
I thought to myself “if only this exsisted right after I got out of school I could have….oh wait no I couldn’t. I was damn good but not that good.”

There was a guy playing a snare with his EAR!

The fabric behind my program and ticket is a long slitted skirt I am working on. I love chinese brocade like this. It adds such refinement to a simple garment.

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