I don’t have but one pet peeve I can not get over. I don’t like being told to do something right before I was going to anyways.

But I found the cousin of that peeve is also a pain in the ass. Being told to do something when you have been doing it all along.

At work this has happened a more than a few times. Kevin telling me to put the date on the tracking numbers, sorting the orders by type, emailing the boss what he needs to know.  All of it assures me they have no idea what a good worker I am.
I worked at a Lowes in GA and man did they like my brain. I didn’t have to go calling a garden worker ever 5 minutes to ask about a plant. The other two that started work after I did actually followed my example. (I’ve never had that happen before) Then I moved and worked at a Lowes in FL and it was so different. I was doing all the things I used to do in GA and no one cared. In fact I was called lazy. I was stricken and a little hurt that all my care for plants and knowledge of them was unrecognized completely  I became unhappy and left soon after.

Same thing is happening here. I’m doing all I can and thinking of better ways to do things for this tiny, unorganized, weaving ethics company and all I can think is I need to quit and they can hire some person who is going to come in here and do a crappy job before they realize how much I do.

Working hard in earnest is just not recognized anymore.
I point it out when they are pointing fingers.  I quickly give them a run down of every email, phone call, and message. Then they finally shut up and say an “oh, well good.”  And then it resets for the next time there is a problem. Like they totally forgot the last time they were wrong.

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