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Some time ago Peter thought we should change the rasterbated image of an artistically drawn cherry blossom tree I put on the wall.  It had been up there for a while. Well that day on an item came up that lets you select any picture and they weave it into a 50×60 throw blanket. Awesome!
He bought one and after some debate we decided to use this image that our friend Allen photographed of our Firefly / Serenity costumes. I had already edited it for my own personal use to give it a comic feel and have it match the DVD covers somewhat.

Serenity CG

So I began to send it in when I see the specifications state it has to be between  1-3 MB.Well mine was 300KB and that just wouldn’t do. Even the PSD file was too small so I was going to have to edit from raw all over again. I started on it and had no idea what I had done to acheive the comic effect. It had been an accident before. So I dragged my feet for months cause I am lazy. Then about 4 weeks ago I decided I must finish it and I did. It took hours to cut out a huge picture and conjure up a brand new background.  But it was worth it. Look what just arrived….

Behold the baddassery going on here

Grade A awesome.

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