Harry Potter quick post

Many phone calls occurred today. I don’t talk on my cell much but the day had plans for me.

  • Dad called
  • Sister called
  • Peter called

Then Erik called me half way through my day. And what did he have? Harry Potter movie tickets. Apparently a friend of his was press and had two tickets. Erik couldn’t use them cause he already had plans.
My sister had her family in tow down here for 2 weeks and I offered to take my 10 yr old niece to the movie a day early.

Plans were made and we went.

Movie was meh. I fully expected to enjoy myself and it was beautiful but lacked flourish. The screenplay chose to show us far too much over and over. Some explainations were childish and “duh” and the Snape flashback scene was WAY too short.

But it had some great lines. I think I need “I must not tell lies” on a Tshirt.

I am still very grateful to Erik for thinking of me. Thanks Erik, you rock so hard. I’m also glad I could share that moment with my niece. I really want to connect with my nieces and nephews before they figure out we’re not as cool as they think we are.

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