The Last Magic Summer

Here it comes… the most golden fortnight of this summer. (a fortnight is how ye old folks say two weeks)

Harry -effing- Potter.

It snuck up on me. I haven’t prepared. But lets face it, are the mary jane shoes, class sweater, and wand ever really far from your grip?
At this point I would think I would have graduated to teacher wear. But, then again I look the same now as I did in HS. So whatever.

Last minute plans to meet up are afoot. The final book is locked away in its crate. I dare not get half way through and then take a wee peek at the last 20 pages to guess at what is going on.
So here we are at this last golden year of movie and book. Lets enjoy.

Think I should go in my student wear or my quidditch jacket?

Lets look all pensive

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