This is why we can’t have nice things

So about 5 days ago Peter saw a legitimate advertisement on Myspace that said See Harry Potter This Thursday.  It just had you put them in your top spaces, print it, and take it to the theater.

I told a friend I thought would want to know and he told a couple other friends. Today I get up earlier and go to work so I can duck out early to catch the show. Cause ya know adults have to work.

I burn through my work, and the last minutes are done in a frenzy because I was determined to be somewhere an hour early for once.
With my map in hand I fought gridlock traffic with a car that hates getting hot. (she stops)

I made it there with 45 minutes to spare and got in line. Then I preceded to wait for an hour and a half not to get in.

I’m not too pissed about not getting in.
I’m pissed they let 60+ people wait an hour and a half before they said anything.

I appreciate what you are trying to do Black Curtain screenings but it’s simple math.
Count your seats, have a person at the door counting people and then cut the line off when that number is reached.
Say: “I’m sorry sir but we had 320 seats and the last person got in at 2:30 this afternoon.” That way the person can go about the rest of their day.
Simple hard facts are undeniable and the person has no argument. It’s quite obvious you can’t squeeze them in.
Thanks for wasting a collective 90 hours. See that….I did math. You can too.

I never should have gone back to read the 10 or so comments of unemployed teens hooting about how they stood in line since 11AM cause they could.

I calmly held my slight rage inside for the rest of the night. Then I good pot roast and went home to watch Torchwood. Where upon which I saw some of the most wrongety wrong sad 2 episodes I could see.
I dislike no answers and I dislike cheating. It’s not been a landmark day.

I suppose I have blessings to count tonight. Let that be a boon.

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