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So for some time I had heard you can make convincing armor from fun foam, puff paint and spray paint.
So this weekend I picked up some foam, puff paint and some rub and buff for good measure.  This is what I came up with:


It’s pretty damn convincing even in person. All those pictures were taken in the same place under different light conditions. So this means no matter if someone is taking a pic with their $700 SLR or their $12 disposible the foam isn’t going to look like ass.
I’ll definately be using this in a costume. I think that Han Dynasty costume will be armored now.

On the other side I am tired of my job. I have been working my ass off the past two weeks to keep up. And why? To cover the asses of those who don’t pay bills, don’t disclose how long an order takes, and take on irresponsible shady new manufacturers.  Yes, I’m sure the lack of orders is my fault. That has to be it.
Have I also mentioned that most of my job is working with customers again. When I started that was only a small part of my thing. I fucking hate that it has become exactly what I wanted to get away from.

Anyone have a job where I do my job, 0-2 people bother me a day and then I go home?

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