Slippery Time

I start my weekends with high hopes and the euphoria of another week done. I’m sure a lot of us do.
By the time Sunday night rolls around I’m usually fairly accomplished. But I do get that weekend where I know I had fun but nothing I really wanted to do got done.
I got my living room cleaned up and got my clothing in decent order this weekend. I also had a long awaited and expensive check up at the doctor this weekend.

But I wanted to plant my annuals, get around half way done on my 2nd vest, and wax the hood of my car.  Not one of those things was even touched. It’s all my fault too. I went to bed unusually early on Friday, moped about after the doc on Sat, and stayed out too late on Sunday.

But I should be grateful, if this is all I have to complain about….I’m frakin’ lucky.
I just do not like the soul sucking weekdays of work that leave me bursting to get free just to be on my own for a while. But then I am so happy to not have to do something I don’t want to have to do anything, even the tasks I appoint to myself.

I leave you with something funny though:
This past Christmas my guy’s mom & dad sent me one of those aromatic wax melters. It was quite cute and I like them.  But what was funny was the scent: Fresh Picked Cotton Blossom. Now, I could be all hurt about that but hand to God I thought it was funny.
It actually smells good. But I refrained from using it till I could get a funny picture of me with it.  Well here you go:

Mmm nothing I like more than the smell of  picked cotton.
Mmm nothing I like more than pickin; cotton.

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