Clay Bar

I keep my car fairly clean. But she’s old and the polish is fading from the glossy exterior. My hood looks especially bad. Tried waxing it but it wasn’t doing much. My co-worker said you have oxidation, use a clay bar.  I’ve never heard of it but he said some elbow grease and that crap will come right off.

Last Sunday I went to Auto zone and found the clay bar in the cleaning section and took it home.  It came with detailer, clay bar, wax, and towel. Holy crap it was awesome. Look at this:  (old deleted images!)

Wish I had known about that before I was in the market for a new car.  Gonna finish up the job anyways. I think the car deserves it for as much as she hung on for me when I couldn’t fix her last year till I got a new job.

I got some black liner fabric for my red vest that will be made soon. I wanted something more intersting to line it with but nothing caught my eye. Should be doing costumes but I know better. I have to work on what is on my mind or any other projects feel like drudgery.

Note the cute bicylist all over the black.
Last Book out soon


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