Vest is Done!

I finished my vest at 4:03 this morning and I have much LOVE for it. I’ll have to make the red one now.

A quick 4AM bathroom picture

I love finishing a project, no matter how small. It just fills me with accomplishment and glee. Slept in today as Peter was out of town. Also I am smiling inside cause he washed that whole sink full of dishes I mentioned earlier. I didn’t even ask him to.
Now to pester Alan about getting me some of those pictures he took at the Weird Al concert.

I really need to think on my website again. But convention season is upon us and it may already be too late for that. There are at least 3 costumes to design and make, 2 to modify, fabric to ogle, a room to plan, and regular life.

But a damn hearty YAY for that vest.

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