Materialistic for a few hours

After I was done doing some other stuff…..
Saturday I took myself out to get what ever I wanted in the mall. I don’t think I’ve ever just dropped $200 on a clothing spree cause I felt like it. But again…why do we work so hard? So we can enjoy not being at work!
I must have been in the store for 2 hours as I tried on anything that tickled my fancy. Even if I hadn’t worn particular things before. Anyone watch “What not to Wear”?  Something I remember them saying is try on everything. You never know how it will fit. You might discover something you look utterly fabulous in. I was actually proud of myself for cutting loose and not getting bogged down in trying on so much.
All in all I came home with a halter style sun dress with a large pretty flower print on it, white shorts ( I missed shorts SO much), dotted tank top, black capri pants with polka-dotted belt, and a black and multi color bathing suit.
It’s been one of my small fantasies to reach in my closet and really like whatever my hand pulls out.

I feel a little cheap caring so much about clothing and the feelings that go with them when you put them on. After all, they aren’t what makes you you. But I bet it’s because I am always so damned responsible and practical.  I have to remind myself….I can do what I want.

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