Worked on my vest last weekend and a little this week. It’s coming along nicely. You should have seen me turning it right side out. It looked like I was practicing some weird yoga all tangled up in turning it right.

The front or course. Isn’t that fabric like all kinds of awesome?

Look at that lining. It’s a thing of beauty. I already had this fabric too. I got yards of it. I think I have it to make flowy curtains.
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In other news I may be buying the car I want tomorrow. I meant to get pics today but Peter forgot to put my SD card back in the camera.But it’s sweet. It’s silver with chrome details and a dark grey interior that has been kept beautifully.
AND Dark Morning  is being VERY gracious and sending me a FREE stash of fabric she isn’t using. I just have to pay $8 shipping for 24 lbs of beautiful fabric!
Also tomorrow I am taking myself on a little shopping spree. I may poke in to Kevin’s party as well.

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