Working in a coal mine

I know my boss has no idea of what I am doing at my desk all day.  No really. I came into my job and there was no manual, no notes left by the previous person, nothing. I had to learn everything by asking.  It took about a month before I felt like I could do anything without them being there.

Now I juggle a paper jungle with no set way of doing things and I get the distinct feeling they think I do a half assed job. I think at the core of things it’s that I do my job nicely and completely. I don’t toss papers aside because I got 20 more new ones on my desk. They do, my boss and my co-worker. I see them do it all week.  I’ve gotten suggestions from them that are thinly veiled instructions to ease up on quality and focus on quantity.

Why is the world like that?  I got the same message when I worked retail. “You are really great with everyone, but you are not curt and spend too much time with them.”   WTH
Society must have gotten distant, money-grubbing, and forgot basic manners while I wasn’t looking….  oh wait.. DUH.

Is there no place for nice people anymore? Does anyone even think of it as an asset now?

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