Alice in Wonderland Dance

Saturday: There were plans to go to a dance at 9PM. The dance had “Though the Looking Glass” as a theme. Peter was up around 10 but I didn’t get up till 1:30. We still had to get our costumes together. He had already decided to do a military costume made from his old Neo coat. I cut & hemmed his coat and started pulling things out of the closet to figure out what I was going to dress as. Peter suggest I wear my old Duelist Anthy military-esque costume I made a couple years ago because he was basing his costume off that one anyways.
After some finagling he decides “HOLY CRAP” we should be the Queen of Heart’s Royal Guards.
I heartily agreed and ran off to the fabric store at 6PM to pick up some red satin. I return and got to sewing. Peter printed the patches and we pulled old hats and belts from the closet.

It was the best closet cosplay ever. While we were there the Queen called us sexy and had ordered us come on stage to dance. Everyone cheered 😀

We’ve decided we liked these so much we have got to take them to Dragoncon for more fun.


For the good of all Wonderland.
queenguardfull queenguardgabi queenguardpete




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