Car Buying Blues

I’ve been shopping for a car for about a month now. My car has served me well for the years that I have had it but it is starting that fall apart tango that 10+ year old cars do.
First it was the radiator $600  2 years ago
Coils and brakes $800 last year
Radiator tube part $290 2 months ago.

The AC has never worked since it was handed to me 4 years ago, radio quit 2 years ago. I am not waititng around for it to get worse. Those repairs could have been car payments. I’m glad I had it though.

I’m not a car person. I mean that in every sense of the phrase. I don’t care for horsepower, hemis, 0-60, V6, ect. I frankly do not care. So I have a very limited idea of what I like.  In my entire life I have liked 2 cars. VW bugs and PT cruisers. If I were 21, still in college I’d get a VW. But being older, with activities, and wanting a sense of style instead of just being cute I have decided to find a PT.

So the hunt began. I found a couple I liked. One was sold before I got a look at it, and the other was too expensive. I’m leaning towards silver because the color stays nice for a long time and they have to get really dirty before they show it. I also like the gold ones, but not as much. Purple would be an option but they are hard to find. And have you seen the customizable parts? You can do some awesome stuff.

If anyone has car buying advice they would like to impart please do so. I am new to this.

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