Goodbye HD

Yesterday morning we abandoned cable TV.

I remember when I was being convinced we should have cable. I was alright with the few channels we had and I didn’t want to spend the extra money.
Now I am being told it cost too much and we watch it too often.
Funny how views change over time.
But ultimately, yeah I think I watch too much TV (most of it isn’t that great to begin with) and it distracts me from my other fun projects. I’ve already found one…. I saw a delicious looking close fit vest on a girl yesterday. I fished through my fabric stacks and found something great. It’s this pretty drapery weight gold damask with  hand sized swirls.
If it turns out well I also have some burgandy that will look great as well.

Pictures of it later tonight

As promised:

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I picked up a vest pattern today. Simplicity 4079 This is going to be fun!
The swirly one is first. Then the red one I think. Then I will try the continental stripe. Somewhere in there a Black velvet one will be done.

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