Happy Halloween

So there we are at the day before All Saints Day. This weekend I felt pulled in many directions. Peter’s birthday was Thursday so I bought him things. Everyone had a seasonal party or get together. Peter and I were so tired by Sunday we turned down another get together to stay in.
Friday was Halloween Horror Nights at Universal. BOOOORING. Standing 45-60 mins in like for a slightly above average scare house to be actually scared twice was a waste of time. The men in black ride was fun. We went on it twice cause there was no line. The Bill and Ted show was excellent ::does the air guitar:: Frankly it was funny & well planned enough to warrant buying admission to the park.
I think also Friday was the Harry Potter party but I forgot and missed it. No biggie.
Saturday evening friends came over to watch some Galactica. That was fun. They were a happy and fun group. Saturday night we left to go to another friend’s scary movie party. Watched Poltergeist II then hung out and went home as they started The Grudge. Which was well and good cause I’m not into gore.
Sunday was a friend’s birthday outing to SeaWorld but we bowed out. We had just seen him at the party and wished him well there.

Carved my pumpkin today. That was fun. Decided not to get crazy go nuts with skeltons and skulls or anything elaborate. I had drawn this on a virtual pumpkin carve site days ago and decided it looked nice enough to do on a real one.
You know me….pictures!

IPB Image
I love knowing how to work my camera a little better for effects. This is super exposed.

IPB Image
another exposure

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