DragonCon Aftermath

It’s been a few days recovery from DragonCon. We all have gone back to our mundane lives and left friends to go states away for another year. But luckily the fabulous pictures remain. I had a wonderful time. Especially the beginning. So full of promise. I have some 180 pictures to share. Speaking of, here’s a picture of the finished dress for posterity.

This is photoshopped by the way. I have the OMG oily skin. I carried a compact in my bra the entire time I had this on and STILL more than half the pictures I aquired from people had a shiny face. So I took the shine off my nose and cheeks. Also blurred the BG to make it a better photo.
I haven’t seen a picture of the back yet, which is a shame cause it’s a more interesting pattern. So I’ll post one of those later.

Here are my pictures:http://s5.photobucket.com/albums/y183/viberaphon/Dragoncon06/?start=all

The costumes were more funny this year than WOW how did they make that. I saw a guy with little containers of laundry detergent lined up like weapons in a bandoleer. His shirt said “Laundry Matt” You can see a picture of him early on in the photos. Look for the orange clothing.

I met many BCs. Some of which I knew, some new. All super funny and friendly. Did the parade for the first time. Got my ass out of bed and was glad I did. I immediately took a nap after that though. I missed a lot of parties due to inevitable need of sleep I just wish I could turn that need off for D*con. I also don’t think I’ve ever been kissed that much either.

Anyways, off to bed. Got that mundane work thing in the morn.

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