Zoe Funeral Dress and DragonCon

Well it’s about 9 or 10 days before D*con and as usual I am working on something at the last minute. I had planned to have this done a couple weeks ago but you know how that is. Good and sweet Buddha the amount of tape!!!

The beginning. Cut out the dress shape and modified it. Made it a foot and a half longer, more flared, and cut the V to stop right above the bra cause I don’t want to have to buy a special bra for this. Stared at the scene for a good while and worked out the start of the pattern. Yeah I got it wrong. I realized it right after this picture. So I started over on the right side.

A day and a half later…

The day after that……
and that’s just the back.

Now I get to screw it up by trying to paint it…with spray fabric paint….

Hopefully it will look something like this when I am done:

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