Serenity Day

Went to the Tampa Screening of the movie…

The adventure went as follows:

Had a map in hand and still got lost getting off on a toll road. I had the map in the backseat and when I saw Ext 77 pop up on the road I took it cause I couldn’t grab the map in time but I remembered the directions said something about 77 on them. It was a toll road and I had very little change. Hope I didn’t tick the lady off with giving her a bunch of sticky pennies. About 8 miles down I finally got to turn around. Looked at my map and it said 77 miles down not exit 77…. arrgh!

Oh did I mention I’m in nearly all Zoë costume? I don’t mind stopping for gas in costume. But stopping repeatedly for ATM, directions, and such was annoying. I got over it by the 3rd time in public. I didn’t have the holster on yet so I didn’t raise any panic signals. 🙂

So after 2 hours on the road I arrived about 20 minutes late. Was greeted by their cool organizers. Walked into the dark room and as I stood letting my eyes adjust I saw about 70-100 folk. What a glorious sight. Sat down in the dark room. Turns out I sat right next to my friend Dash, a Mal costumer.

After the movie they gave out prizes and I met Ren for the first time. She won some heist money. Met Derelict Titan and a few others too. What a great group. Browncoats are so enjoyable. Everyone took pictures but I forgot my memory card so I didn’t get any. 🙁
This is your cue if you took pictures to send me some

We talked about D*con, the boards, costumes, my latent crush on a pilot, popping your convention cherry, and just stuff. Felt like they were insta-best buds. Which…ya know browncoats are.

Should have stayed longer and had dinner with everyone. But oh well. But that drive back didn’t look peachy. Ren showed me the way back to I-4.


In other news….anyone recognize this?

YES…’s the dress. It’s coming together nicely so far. I’m working with the gold and silver fabrics now.

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