The Fabric… It mocks me

Update #2

So I was in the middle of the black dress with white edging. It has a sash that must be 40 miles long cause it took me 3 days to pin the entire thing. Well I finally finish and begin to sew it down…. when #^$&% fabric starts to move while I sew no matter if I put dozens of pins in it. So I finally figured out how to keep it in place as I sew….slowly. I make it clear down to one side of the uber long sash when I do a gentle tug on the stitching to make sure its ok at the bottom. THE WHOLE THING CAME APART. The satin just wants to fray all of the frikin place. I got a little angry and just went…fine be that way…. I’m not working on you anymore…not for the reunion. (I say that as if the fabric cared) But it made me feel better 🙂
So it’s on hold till I undo the whole damn thing, fray check the WHOLE thing, cut a length of fusible tape and iron it into the edging and THEN attempt to sew it down again. Damn sash….I’ll get it for this…

But on the happier front the teal fabric arrived from ebay. It’s a great color. But it isn’t as soft as I expected dress fabric to be. My other fabrics for it are more pliable. But that’s what sometimes happens when you deal with an object you wish you could feel before you buy. I think I can make it work though. Picked up the zipper and thread for it. It matches a color they call oriental blue on the thread and zipper. So now I know what color to call the fabric.


w/ the sexy shoes

Also got a new razr phone. I like it so far. I’ve been resisting the cell phone culture for some time. But it seems ok so far…

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