The Mouse and Warwick Davis

This blog is playing catch up, So I’ll be posting one entry a day till caught up.

So this past Friday my guy went to watch Farscape with one of his Dr. Who buddies, Craig. I decided to stay in. When he got home he said guess what we are going to Disney World on Sunday. I said why? He says cause Craig offered and will get us in. I was like…what free? He nods and I go “Sweet!” Cause the only reason I don’t do theme park fun is the freakish cost. $60 for one park! So we wake up and after a snafoo with the palm pilot we make our way to the Magic Kingdom. We met 3 friends there that have annual passes. Craig was an awesome superior guide as he tells us anything we want to know and many things we didn’t know. He is a fan of the park but not obsessed with it. It was a glorious day.

I got motion sickness from Space Mountain. Every 5 yrs or so I ride a roller coaster to see if my innards can finally buck up and take it. Turns out they still can’t. I suspect at this age they never will. But about 30 seconds from the end of the ride I wasn’t liking it at all so I was glad it was over but glad I tried it. Now I know why my mother was green when she came out of it with my then 15 yr old sister when we went to Disneyland when I was 11. I remember seriously berating her in my head for getting on it when she knew she had high blood pressure. We had to sit down for 45 minutes waiting for her to feel better and cutting in on our fun. When in reality it was probably no more than 20 mins and I should have been thankful I was even there instead of acting so spoiled. I never said what I thought, cause I knew better, but I am sure I scowled.

First thing we got on was the Carousel of Progress. It’s Peter’s favorite. No one ever thinks they will like what seems like such a lame ride, but everyone laughs a little and does marvel at the animatronics they were capable of many years ago.
“it’s a great big beautiful tomorrow…..”

Rode some other rides and had a good time just being under 40 and not tired. The one thing I will spend some money on is food….and that I did.
After about 2/3 of the day was gone our other three friends decided to get ready for a con meeting. Craig told us that our guest tickets were park hoppers! So we made our way to Epcot. I had never been because of the aforementioned aversion to prices. I am just not up for paying another $60 for the privileged to spend more money.

Rode Mission Space. I did the wussy version cause I didn’t know what to expect. The two guys took the full version. I enjoyed it thoroughly though I am glad I didn’t stand in line for it. It’s rather short but cool. When the guys came out they decided to try the wussy one with me again. Turns out they liked it better. The sensations were somehow better. Who knew?
I’d like to add that while we were on the ride Peter grabbed the steering stick, flipped three switches, and said “Here’s something you can’t do.” I love my Wash.

Toured the pretty countries. Ate in Japan. Good food. Then we stayed for the fireworks show. It was lovely and I got my camera to try out its new settings. Got some awesome pics. Still love my camera. Just below us on the stairs down from the Japanese restaurant…guess who was there vacationing with his family? Warwick Davis. We didn’t want to bother him cause he deserves down time too. But it was nice to see him.

On the way back on the monorail we saw the Magic Kingdom fireworks show by chance.
I’m gonna send a picture CD to my folks. They’ll eat this stuff up.

And now…the pictures….

BTW I apologize for the size. I like my images big and putting up links in here is a skill that STILL eludes me
The beautiful castle. I like the gold spirals. Could do without the gold characters everywhere but Wendy and Peter are a nice touch.

F*ckwinCastle photo IMG_0237.jpg

The barber shop quartet with hand pipes. They sound really authentic and have to be talented to sing that well and have instruments.IMG_0242

An adorable Snow White. I think I like this princess best, dunno why.
Snow White photo IMG_0259.jpg
Malificent photo IMG_0265.jpg
Wendy photo IMG_0267.jpg

That’s just cool looking…
China photo IMG_0316.jpg

My two best firework shots.
moar Fire photo IMG_0354.jpg
Disnet Fireworks photo IMG_0346.jpg

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