Planning and Results

Fought like mad to get the teal dress done. My mom came to town this week and going back and forth to see her after abnormally busy days at work when I should have been sewing the dress for the reunion was SO TAXING. The last couple of days I have been a smidge under the weather trying to do so much. I can’t believe it actually made me ill.

I’m glad I went to hang out with my mom though. She’s such a great lady.

The reunion was a total snooze. I guess partners/wives of the reunioners are always going to be bored. This was made worse by the fact that Peter didn’t do a lot in school. No football, no clubs, nada. He had friends, but most of them went to different schools.
I very much hope my 10 yr reunion (if there is one) next year will be far more lively. I did a crapload of things in school and hopefully a lot of people I liked will be there. Oh and one girl….gah, if she is as much of a bitch as she was then all she needs to do is give me one reason and I will slap her like I should have then. Hopefully she was just being Nelly Oleson and had to find a good man or something that said he wasn’t putting up with that crap.

But I got to wear my dress tonight, have my hair done for like the 4th time in my life and ate decent food. But it certainly wasn’t near worth the $80.

But ah, rest. It awaits me.

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