The Meeting of Sisters

Two weekends ago my sister came to visit and I met my new nephew Brandon for the first time. He is such a laid back baby. He was happy to just chill out with whoever held him. Soft and sweet and with that lovely baby smell. He was curious about everything around him and liked fine tuning his motor skills on the nearest person with a finger. He’s adorable with his fine black hair and dark eyes. He’s gonna be a very cute little boy.

Unfortunately I am a geek. So is my guy. My sister and the rest of my family are not. So I think we bored the hell out of them while they were here. I would have been a better hostess but I was walled up in the kitchen and going back and forth to the barbecue. Oh well, at least they seemed to enjoy some of the TV and vidgames.

Went out with my guy Sunday and finally got over to the DOTS to look for new jeans. My old ones I liked tore, one pair were taken, and the other ones looked baggy. I found some lovely new ones that I tried on and they were a bit big. The store was closing so I couldn’t try on the smaller ones so I just bought them and hoped they fit. Hallelujah they do and I really like them a lot.

Check out my spankin new pockets…. pun intended.

Also something else arrived this weekend….

How effin cool are these? I’ll be adding them to the costume. Thanks to Jetflair, maker of cool Serenity stuff.

Darn, I am out of sunflower seeds….
guess that means I gotta go 🙂

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