Well I’m 27 now. My birthday was Sunday. This and next year are the last sexy age. That is to say it’s the last ages you can say and still sound really sexy.
Each age has it’s pros and cons I think…at least in theory.
People say 16 is the first coming of age…I disagree. 20 is. It’s the first decade where someone might take you seriously, and the last decade you can sound sexy.
21 with the drinking
22 is just cool with the double deuce thing going on
23 sounds like you might have a job that doesn’t ask if you want fries with that
24 like the number of hours in a day is inherently cool
25 is just sexy. It’s legal, slightly responsible, and someone MAY take you seriously
26 the hold over for 25
27 responsible, you own your car and have your own place
28 the hold over from 27
29 oh….that’s what 30 looks like….hmm

of course this is just what goes on in my head. I know a couple who are 31 and 32 and I would swear up and down they were 25 and 26 with the way they look and act. So I’m clearly just pulling this number thing out of my head.

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