Megacon wrap up

So I woke up around 12 and got dressed as Zoë, an activity I always enjoy doing. Sure it’s fun to dress up. But I even have fun in the actual dressing part. Wondering if the actors felt the same way. Or I just imagine I’m suiting up for a heist.
Have I mentioned TV Zoë cannot possibly dress herself? Wash must help her with that buckle under the arm because that thing is hell to buckle by yourself. I leave my vest buckled and shimmy into it. Anyways….

When parking I spot my fellow Harry Potter fan friend 4 cars away, this wouldn’t be that funny except that the same thing happened at FX a month ago.
Finally arrived at the con and in the hallway to the con I see a Jayne in a very cunning hat. He looked good too, had the right build and all. We shouted compliments to each other across the way….

So I get in an greet my friend Chris, who is dressed as a Space Marine from ALIENS and his friend says to me “I think I love you.” Awww icon_razz.gif We both agreed it was probably the costume.
A few pictures later I meet up with my new friend Dash who is dressed as Mal. Then I see a girl I know dressed as Medical River and her guy is dressed as Simon. We pal around the con for an hour together when we decide to do a little photoshoot. We had:

* Mal and Zoë face off
* Simon comforts River
* River defends Simon
* River kicks Simon in the throat
* Zoë comforts River
* BDH poses
* Uncomfortable Kiss with Mal and Zoë

About 20 minutes of this and a guy dressed in a vest wanders by…. Mal says, “Is that Simon?” I look and say, “It could be. I have heard of accidental Simons before.” Mal walks up to him and says “Simon?” Simon then says,”Yes..Mal?”

So he joins us and we all take more pictures….and then another Mal comes along…. He raises his eyebrows and whips out his cell phone. Turns out he is the Mal that came with the Simon we found, Jayne, Kaylee, River, and Wash. He called them over. While we waited for them to find us I went to check on my guy running the Buffy game show. Mal came in 5 minutes later and told me they arrived. I walked out and then got the best compliment of the day… As I rounded the pillar Kaylee let out a gasp. That’s when you know you did good job.

So we stood around and having such a large group people finally came out in force and were like “It’s THE FRICKIN FIREFLY CREW” and came over to talk and take pics. We talked to each other while not posing and Wash did the cutest thing…. He pulled out a protein bar and asked if anyone wanted any before he ate it.
They were a seriously cool group of people. After about an hour we dispersed after trading emails.

before Jayne, Kaylee and another River showed up
Taken by Jenni

Just then the coolest thing EVER happened…

A lady in a Serenity shirt walked up to me just as I was leaving the area and handed me a bag and said nothing that I remember. I look in the bag and there are 10 copies of Serenity DVDs in there. I was confused and then actually did something psudo cool. I told River to run after the lady. I wasn’t entirely sure she ment to give me what she did. River ran after her but couldn’t spot her. I took my gun out my holster and tossed it to Simon saying “Hold this” and I ran down the hall and round the corner in full Zoë glory and asked her about it. She said the group was so cool it was for us. I ran back in astonishment and immediately gave 4 copies to the Buffy Game show as prizes. Then as the rest of the crew came back I told them what happened and then they took a couple copies.

It was the best day ever!

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