For the love of…put it back!

People need to put whatever crap they touch in a store back how they found it.

What self-centered jerks we are not to consider the next person that comes along. I always feel bad if I don’t at least make the effort to put something back where I found it. I know people assume it’s someone’s job to do it and they are getting paid for it…but don’t you have some tedious task at work that you know whoever you are serving can do but they just refuse to?
Stop and think….what if everyone just did what was just the right thing to do…even if they started with something as small as putting something back where they got it? I swear I know I could get on with the more important details of the job….like tending to people that need my help.
I think 70% of my day is spent cleaning up after people that pick something up and fail to look at the way the whole frikin aisle is arranged with the SAME product.

And that is just considering the people who work there. What about the people who come to shop after you? Shouldn’t they get to see the product as it was intended to be seen? But No, someone had to be oblivious to the other people in the world.

I think it moves on from there as people are less and less concerned about who they effect as long as they get whatever it is they need.

It’s just uhh,
I know my mother taught me better….why didn’t other people get that lesson.

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