People are shitty to each other

Wow, standard boss rant…almost.

So you know that saying that scientist think 1/3 of people are sociopaths? Well I just saw two of them go at it.
My boss, Gail, does not know how to speak to people. The social cues on how to say things is not active in her. How she became a boss in a customer service job I will never know.

Enter a roundish woman with long hair and a daughter. My boss in her subtle rudeness walks down the aisle and steps over the little girl and goes on her way. The mother kindly says it’s rude to step over people. She says now that she’s Polish or something and that she now has to step back over her cause of her beliefs. My boss says she’s sorry in the rudest tone possible pretty much and refuses because she might step on the girl’s hand or something…. at least that was her reason….

Less than 10 seconds later the lady is ranting about crossing her and telling my boss that she should know what that means cause she looks like she’s from the islands…. (my boss is black and has dreaded hair) My boss proceedes to tell her she’s not from the island and not to judge people just cause their skin is dark and their hair. She also refused to walk back over the girl because she doesn’t believe in supersition….

This went on for a good 3 minutes and I just got the lady on her way… I refused to get into that….

Just….wow people are crappy to each other….

I also ended up staying an hour and 30 minutes after closing cause my boss is nutsy….


V day was nice. Peter came by work to give me some candy and kisses.

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