Gold Strappy

So I will go into detail about past happenings later…. But right now I have on the sexiest shoes I have ever owned. You see I am not a material girl. I kinda walk the line of pretty but practical. But then…I realized I’m freckin 26…. why don’t I realize I can do what I please and it doesn’t have to be fine with anyone but me?
You see, I have that realization a lot and it still throws me for a loop. I can move to Ohio, Japan, Lichtenstein and I could…well I just could if I wanted…..

So these shoes….
I get shoes like once a year and only one pair…usually tennis or summer sandals. But there is a dress I want to make and it requires gold shoes…sexy gold shoes. I was just thinking about making the dress when these shoes appear….and I was done for. Now I HAVE to make the dress. They will be too perfect together. And get this… they were on sale for only $10. So now I have the sex shoes…. and they make me realize again…I’m 26 and I can do what I want.

If I get to go to Flan I am so wearing them to the cocktail party.

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